Chinese Language Guide

16 words to get you started reading technology news in Chinese

June 01, 2021

Using these words you should be able to have a fair crack at reading a Chinese news article of that type.

FluentU Review – Learn Chinese While Watching Web Videos

May 10, 2021

If you read blogs for learning Chinese then you've no doubt seen the FluentU blog. Well, FluentU is more than a blog, it's a full-featured service for learning Chinese through web…

Book Review: 500 Common Chinese Idioms

May 08, 2021

Idioms (成語/成语 chéngyǔ) are a special part of Chinese. In everyday boring conversation they rarely come up, but every now and again a perfect situation arises when one of these four-character gems

Review: Remembering the Hanzi (Book 1)

May 05, 2021

Today I thought I’d do a write-up of James Heisig and Timothy Richardson’s Remembering the Hanzi.

Mixed up Chinese tones and tips for remembering

May 04, 2021

Being a tonal language, Mandarin contains lots of words that have the same pronunciation, but different tone.

Study Movie Dialogues for Learning Chinese

May 04, 2021

If you find yourself getting burnt out on textbooks, and generally despise the news channels, then perhaps studying a film might be a fun alternative for learning Chinese. Most of the time it's nic...

The Question of Chinese Language Podcasts

May 04, 2021

Last night while bowling with friends in Taiwan (a random spur of the moment idea for something to do), a tweet came in on my phone from Lingomi asking if anyone knew of a place to download Chinese…

How to haggle in Chinese – Example Sentences

May 03, 2021

If you’re planning on visiting China or Taiwan then haggling is a skill that is essential to learn.