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16 words to get you started reading technology news in Chinese

As we’ve mentioned in the past, one of the most common benchmarks of language ability is being able to read and understand news. So over the next few weeks we’ll look at all the major news categories and pick out the most valuable words. Using these words you should be able to have a fair crack at reading a news article of that type. First up, technology news.

All of the example sentences are from Engadget Chinese, which is also a great source for tech news and all things geeky. For this set of words we won’t be focusing on the hardware for the most part, we have done this in the past, as words differ depending on where you are in the Chinese speaking word – having said that, if you spot any words that are different where you are, then let us know!

使用者 Pinyin: shǐ yòng zhě

English: user, also often used is 用戶


iPhone 使用者想要在某些 Android 使用者的傷口上灑鹽嗎?現在看來是可以更輕鬆來達到這個目的囉!

iPhone 使用者想要在某些 Android 使用者的伤口上洒盐吗?现在看来是可以更轻松来达到这个目的啰!

iPhone shǐ yòng zhě xiǎng yào zài mǒu xiē Android shǐ yòng zhě de shāng kǒu shàng sǎ yán mā? xiàn zài kàn lái shì kě yǐ gèng qīng sōng lái dá dào zhè gè mù de luō!

Are you an iPhone user who wants to rub salt into the wounds of Android users? Now you can easily achieve that goal!

下載 Pinyin: xià zǎi

English: to download


若需要輸入中文,暫時唯一的方法是到 Marketplace 下載一個名為 Chinese SMS 的軟件

若需要输入中文,暂时唯一的方法是到 Marketplace 下载一个名为 Chinese SMS 的软件

ruò xū yào shū rù zhōng wén, zhàn shí wéi yī de fāng fǎ shì dào Marketplace xià zǎi yī ge míng wéi Chinese SMS de ruǎn jiàn

If you need to input Chinese, for the time being the only method is to download an app called Chinese SMS form the Marketplace

推出 Pinyin: tuī chū

English: to release (a product) to push out a new product, see more keywords about product releases


Nokia E7 終於推出,12月見面,Motorola 也繼續推兩部 Android 手機

Nokia E7 终于推出,12月见面,Motorola 也继续推两部 Android 手机

Nokia E7 zhōng yú tuī chū, 12 yuè jiàn miàn, Motorola yě jì xù tuī liǎng bù Android shǒu jī

The Nokia E7 has finally been released, we’ll see it in December, Motorola is also pushing out two Android mobile phones

上市 Pinyin: shàng shì

English: to go to market (with a product), see more keywords about product releases




yú jù tǐ de shàng shì shí jiān hái méi què qiè gōng bù, dàn yuē lüè zài 2011 nián de xià tiān

Regarding specific release dates there still isn’t accurate information, but a rough estimate is the summer of 2011

更新 Pinyin: gèng xīn

English: to update, an update


Galaxy S系列的Android 2.2更新已經釋出

Galaxy S系列的Android 2.2更新已经释出

Galaxy S xì liè de Android 2.2 gèng xīn yǐ jīng shì chū

The Android 2.2 update for the Galaxy S series has already been released

More info on 「釋出」

升級 Pinyin: shēng jí

English: to upgrade


HTC Legend 將於數週內升級到 Android 2.2

HTC Legend 将于数周内升级到 Android 2.2

HTC Legend jiāng yú shù zhōu nèi shēng jí dào Android 2.2

The HTC Legend will be upgraded to Android 2.2 within a few weeks

軟體開發者 Pinyin: ruǎn tǐ kāi fā zhě

English: a software developer


iPad 使用者準備歡呼!iOS 4.2 GM 開放 iOS 軟體開發者下載!

iPad 使用者准备欢呼!iOS 4.2 GM 开放 iOS 软体开发者下载!

iPad shǐ yòng zhě zhŭn bèi huān hū! iOS 4.2 GM kāi fàng iOS ruǎn tǐ kāi fā zhě xià zǎi!

iPad users get ready to cheer! iOS 4.2 Gold Master released to iOS developers for download!

支援 Pinyin: zhī yuán

English: to support


Opera Mobile將會有Android版(一樣免費),並且支援硬體加速

Opera Mobile将会有Android版(一样免费),并且支援硬体加速

Opera Mobile jiāng huì yǒu Android bǎn (yī yàng miǎn fèi), bìng qiě zhī yuán yìng tǐ jiā sù

Opera Mobile will also have an Android version (also free), and will also support hardware acceleration

配備 Pinyin: pèi bèi

English: to be equiped with, a set up/configuration (of hardware)


另一部手機則是傳聞配備推蓋 QWERTY 鍵盤的 HTC Vision

另一部手机则是传闻配备推盖 QWERTY 键盘的 HTC Vision

lìng yī bù shǒu jī zé shì chuán wén pèi bèi tuī gài QWERTY jiàn pán de HTC Vision

The other mobile phone is the HTC Vision, rumoured to be equipped with a sliding QWERTY keyboard

規格 Pinyin: guī gé

English: specification




suī rán méi yǒu xiáng xì de guī gé, dàn shì rú cǐ yī lái wǒ men jiù zhī dào zhì shǎo huì yǒu liǎng tái yǐ shàng de píng bǎn kuǎn shì

Even though we don’t know the specification details, but we do know that there will be at least two tablet models

平台 Pinyin: píng tái

English: a platform


Apple 將在 iPhone OS 上推出社交遊戲平台 GameCenter

Apple 将在 iPhone OS 上推出社交游戏平台 GameCenter

Apple jiāng zài iPhone OS shàng tuī chū shè jiāo yóu xì píng tái GameCenter

Apple will release social gaming platform Game Centre on iphone

模式 Pinyin: mó shì

English: a mode, a method

Example: (of an iPhone 11 feature)



quán xīn de quán yíng mù mó shì

brand new full screen mode

系統 Pinyin: xì tǒng

English: a system


只要越過獄,就可以直接從 Cydia 下載安裝,讓 iPhone 變成雙系統

只要越过狱,就可以直接从 Cydia 下载安装,让 iPhone 变成双系统

zhǐ yào yuè guò yù, jiù kě yǐ zhí jiē cóng Cydia xià zǎi ān zhuāng, ràng iPhone biàn chéng shuāng xì tǒng

All you need to do is jailbreak, then you can just download and install it from Cydia, and turn your iPhone into a dual-system phone

發表會 Pinyin: fā biǎo huì

English: press announcement, to issue a statement. 發佈會 is also used.


蘋果 2010 秋季發表會重點整理

苹果 2010 秋季发表会重点整理

píng guǒ 2010 qiū jì fā biǎo huì zhòng diǎn zhěng lǐ

Apple’s 2010 Autumn press conference important points

資料 Pinyin: zī liào

English: information, data




Google chéng rèn qí jiē jǐng fú wù cuò wù dì shōu jí dào yī xiē diàn huà tōng xùn zī liào

Google admits that it’s Street View service mistakenly gathered some telecomunications data

頻寬 Pinyin: pín kuān

English: bandwidth


繼iPhone成為AT&T的頻寬殺手後,Verzion的頻寬殺手也出現了,就是榮登新一代Moto機皇的Droid X

继iPhone成为AT&T的频宽杀手后,Verzion的频宽杀手也出现了,就是荣登新一代Moto机皇的Droid X

jì iPhone chéng wéi AT&T de pín kuān shā shǒu hòu, Verzion de pín kuān shā shǒu yě chū xiàn le, jiù shì róng dēng xīn yī dài Moto jī huáng de Droid X

Following iPhone becoming AT&T’s bandwidth killer, Verizon’s bandwidth killer has appeared, it’s the crowned emperor new generation Moto, the Droid X

Congratulations! You made it this far. It’s clear from the examples above that these words are in common use in technology news, so now it’s your turn – go and try your hand at reading some tech news yourself!

We’ll be continuing this series next week, if you ha

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